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    Beauty Hooked6 Life-Changing Hacks for Doing Your Nails - Beauty Hooked

    We all know the struggle when it comes to doing your nails and not having the option to go to a salon. We all know the struggle of applying nail polish to our right hand with our left and messing it up because we’re righties! And, we all know the struggle of cleaning up the mess by dipping cotton buds into nail polish removers. But… that ends today.

    Doing your nails will be made easy after you read this article and use it to your advantage. We’ve got some awesome hacks lined up for doing your nails, so read ahead to find out how!


    Glue’S CLUES

    We’ve all seen this one making rounds of Pinterest and Facebook. No need to spend time with your cotton bud in every nook and corner, just line the outsides of your nail with glue. Apply nail polish and even create a mess and take it off! (Just make sure the glue is gentle, for instance UHU tube, but don’t use Samad Bond and Elfy for this, as it might not suit your skin.)






    If you want to make designs on your nails, then just know that there’s some tape lying around the house, waiting, for exactly that purpose. Doing your nails was never so easy, was it? Just make a design with a tape and use two different nail polish colors for those glamorous nails. Like this:






    If you’re not easy to please and are very picky about the nail colors you wear, don’t worry, you can make your own custom nail polish. (Might as well make a business out of it too). All you need is clear nail polish and some loose pigment. Mix those together and you have this:






    Sometimes you just don’t have the time and  you know the struggle of waiting when you have nail polish on. So, when you don’t want to wait, just have a bowl of ice and water waiting for when you’re done with the polish. Dip your freshly painted fingers into it and they’ll dry really fast!





    URGH Stubborn polish

    If there’s some very stubborn nail polish that won’t just want to get off, then dip cotton swabs into nail polish remover and wrap them around your nail. Take small cut outs of aluminium foil and wrap those around the cotton for 5 minutes. Slide both off and voila, clear nails!





    Gimme some French

    If you want an easy and neat French manicure, all you have to do is take a rubber band and loop it around your finger, making sure it’s equal from all sides. Then just proceed to apply nail polish as shown below and you’re good to go!




    So, here you go ladies! Some really easy ways for doing your nails and deceiving the world with your technique! We hope you find doing your nails as easy as it looks! Send appreciations and questions in the space provided below and if you want us to show-case your nail art on our page, all you have to do is comment below!

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