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    In order to look your best, you first need to have your daily makeup regime sorted out and decided. You don’t use as much makeup on your face as you possess and you can’t and shouldn’t be doing a crazy amount of makeup everyday anyway… Leave that for important occasions. For normal days, just stick to a very natural and light look.

    The reality is, we have tons and tons of makeup we don’t use everyday (or ever). This is why you need to filter down all your makeup and see what you need and don’t need. Just keep core items that you feel will be used everyday. Such as foundation, concealer, lipsticks, bronzer, blush, a highlighter, and mascara and eyeliner.

    Once you’re done tossing things and keeping things, you need to decide what your daily makeup regime should be. And we’re here to tell you that.

    You must start with: 

    1. Moisturizer

    Make sure you’ve properly cleansed your face. After that use moisturizer, and make sure it’s according to the condition of your skin. Moreover, apply it evenly and make sure your skin feels hydrated and not too dry or overly oily.


    2. Foundation

    Now that your skin is soft and hydrated, attempt to apply a minimal amount of foundation to 4 spots– left cheek, right cheek, forehead and chin. Then blend it in well with a foundation brush. If your skin looks cracked and very dry, you’ve used less moisturizer.


    3. Concealer 

    To conceal problem areas with your concealers is an important step if you have blemishes, dark spots, etc. Apply your concealer also making sure that if you have a colour concealer you need to blend it well in so your skin doesn’t show itself purple, orange or green.


    4. Powder

    With a powder brush, preferably kabuki brush, take a limited amount of your face powder and apply it in a circular motion on your face. This will give you a more natural finish.


    5. Bronzer, Blush and Highlighter

    Once you’ve set your base, bring in your blush, bronzer and highlighter and cover the appropriate parts very lightly with the products you use. Apply your bronzer with a large, fluffy brush to areas where feel the need to add it. Moreover, try not to contour during the day time. Apply blush to your cheeks, and make sure it’s the right color for your skin and you’re good to go! If you feel the need to highlight, then do so because that will give your skin an added glow to wear during the day.

    6. Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyebrows

    So coming to the eyes, if you want to use a shade on them, try to go for a nude and neutral tone. Something that isn’t a in-your-face type color, but a simple daylight color that isn’t disturbing for those talking to you. Use a fluffy brush for it. Then onto the eyeliner, which you can apply with an angled brush. If you want your eyes to look bigger, try going for dark brown eyeliner than black.


    In the end, for mascara, make sure you keep your wand clean. Use a lash curler to curl your lashes and then apply a thin layer of mascara.


    If you feel you need to shape your brows, use minimal product and blend it in with a brow brush.


    7. Lips

    Lastly, lips! I love the feeling of this because this is when I know I’m finished with makeup and I don’t have to worry about more things or do more makeup! But try not to use an overwhelming and dark color on your lips. Even if you do, try to blend it in with something light, followed by lip gloss to give that extra glow. Your options should be more pink and peachy than red and maroon. However, if you want to go for darker colors, make sure you cut down on dark eyes! Super important to remember!


    And so this is it, voila, YOUR very own daily makeup regime for every single day! It’s easy to execute, and neither difficult to remember. And, you just need a few products to get such a great look! Try this out tomorrow and see how it works for you.

    For more interesting tips & tricks keep following us, and keep showing us your love in the comments below. 

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