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    We all get self conscious at times, and research has shown that certain physical issues in women may cause them to feel depressed. It’s human to not be perfect, and human nature to not be satisfied about certain things that aren’t the ideal way. While this is natural, there are ways to help with minor issues like pigmentation, acne etc. that cause depression, and little tricks that may instantly lift your spirits!  Here are some products that have been helping woman with depression and anxiety, and maybe they can help you out too!


    Hyper Pigmentation

    Hyper pigmentation, especially in young girls causes self esteem problems and consequent depression. This issue affects south-asians a lot because our skin tends to change towards the shade of brown. Dark patches around the forehead, under eyes, chin, and neck are not uncommon. People with hormone imbalances and things like Hypo Thyroid or PCOS (Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome) can have really noticeable dark patches around their face that can make a person drown into their own black hole of sadness. But WORRY-NOT girls! Concealer, color-correcter and foundation has always been here. Finding the perfect combination of products to hide the hyper pigmentation and also using natural remedies can definitely help you get rid, and cover up any of these problems. Cover FX has full coverage concealers that you can play around with, and any color correcting palette from the drugstore will do the job.


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    This is a huge problem among young people, many of whom have reported feeling a sence of inferiority amongst their peers because they have acne. Oily skin is more prone to it. While there are millions of things you can do to try to maintain good skin, some things work for some people really well, but not so much for others. Every person has their own ‘perfect skincare routine’. Mostly oil-free gentle face washes and creams without any potential-breakout-creating chemicals in it are the best ones for this purpose, and Clinique is on such brand.


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    Bold Lipstick

    A nice matte bold colored lipstick, like purple or dark brown has been making woman feel great and confident all throughout history, and it’s no different now. Like uplifting music can brighten your mood in minutes, so can wearing a different lip color, that you usually might not wear. Changing your look a little bit can be very good for the mind and has been proven to boost confidence. Do try it out!


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    Some people are blessed with big eyebrows, and some just aren’t. Girls who have less hair on their brows or keep over plucking until its too late, have alternatives to consider. They can draw their eyebrows on, which gives them lots of space to mess around with different types of styles and ways to draw them. Basically, eyebrows frame your face, and are much more important than you might think! There are serums to make your lashes and brows grow, like Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced. Or, you can also a little bit of almond oil every night on your brows to promote hair growth.


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    These problems affect millions of girls worldwide, and if you are one of them, hold on tight! There are many people like you and there ARE ways to fix or lessen these issues.  Trial and error is the most reliable way to find out what works for you best. Do comment below and share with us any beauty  tip or trick that lifts your moods in no time.  Who knows, you advise could end up helping someone who needs it the most.

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