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    Beauty HookedYour Lip's Best friend: Conatural Lip Scrub Product Review - Beauty Hooked

    Conatural is a beauty product company in Pakistan, which uses absolutely natural, organic raw materials and pure essentials and necessary oils, that are needed by our skin. The best part is that the results of their products compete with chemical based products in the long run.

    We got our hands on their lip scrub, and just had to do a review. Conatural’s lip scrub has become extremely popular these days.  Lip scrubs in particular are your lip’s best friend, as they keep them moisturized and smooth, especially in summer when the dry weather causes chapping. This scrub comes in a round medium sized container and has an amazing cinnamon smell to it. Here are some product Pros and Cons in our opinion:



    • The quantity of the scrub is great and can go a long way
    • It works well by removing the dead skin of your lips
    • Makes your lips plumped up and more pink
    • It helps to reduce dryness of lips and makes them soft



    • It can slightly irritate sensitive lips
    • Application can be tricky due to its texture, as while taking it out, the scrub is likely to fall out a bit



    It is quite easily available in the market, you can either get it from Al-Fatah. Or you can directly order it from the Conatural website and get it delivered on your doorstep. Its available for Rs. 500 on the brand’s site here: Natural Lip Scrub – Conatural

    Comment below if you have tried this product, or any other product by Conatural, and let us know how it was. We’d love to hear from you!

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