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    Beauty HookedThe Right Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes - Beauty Hooked

    Makeup brushes are a much safer tool you can use to apply makeup, as compared to Makeup Sponges that carry thousands of bacteria in it (read here). However, do you realize how much dirt can get in your brushes as well, if you don’t clean them properly?


    You wash your face at least twice a day, but how often do you wash your makeup brushes? It is extremely important that you keep your skin away from anything dirty and for that, clean makeup brushes are a MUST!

    So, here is the easiest way to clean your makeup brushes, without harming its bristles:


    1.  Olive oil

    2.  Antibacterial soap


    STEP 1:

    Firstly, mix two parts antibacterial soap to one part of Olive Oil in a bowl or a sponge.



    STEP 2:

    Secondly, wet your brush with lukewarm water. Also, make sure the water doesn’t get to the part of the brush that holds the bristles together, because the water can damage the glue which may result in falling out of the bristles.



    STEP 3:

    Thirdly, dip the bristles of the brushes in the soap and olive oil mixture. Then, rub it over the palm of your hands or a sponge, until the soap lather becomes makeup free.



    STEP 4:

    Then, wash the brushes with lukewarm water again, until the bristles have no soap residue left.



    STEP 5: 

    Rub the wet bristles over a paper towel and let it air dry. The best way would be to hang the brushes upside down, to avoid the water running down towards the bristles glue.



    STEP 6:

    Enjoy using your clean brushes to create some killer makeup looks.



    So, keep your tools ready and clean all the time and have a healthy makeup routine for healthy & glowing skin.


    For more, visit BeautyHooked or call our Beauty Specialist at 03363232889 and we will love to assist you! Happy Grooming!

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