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    I'm your beauty editor Anam Ilyas and I bring you editor's favorite foundations for ALL! No matter your undertone, your tone or even your preferred finish, there's ALWAYS a foundation for you. As a certified makeup artist and as a beauty editor

    The number of times we get asked to help customers in figuring out their skin undertones! Skin undertone determines not just which face product undertone will be best for you but ALSO the color selection of lipstick, eye shadow etc.

    Tired looking under eye can ruin a perfectly applied foundation. Continue reading to know the perfect use of concealer to help you perfectly hide any imperfections! Step 1: Always hydrate your under eye prior to foundation and concealer application. Color correction, to

    Well well well, if it ain't the shaadi season in it's full glory! Are you a bride to be and are looking for the best beauty tips you can ever possible have? Congratulations, you've clicked at the perfect guide! As a

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