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    Beauty HookedHow To Apply Eyeliner To Suit YOUR Eye Shape - Beauty Hooked

    If you feel like your eyeliner style or wearing eyeliner doesn’t do anything for you, this article will help you out a lot. All eyes are beautiful, and our job is to help you identify what eye shape you have and what type of eyeliner look will suit you best and highlight your eyes the most. To find out what eye shape you have and what looks the most amazing on you, read on!

    Big eyes

    Oh you lucky girl. You have big eyes, and you can rock many different types of eye looks and types of eyeliner. Line your eyes and smudge the top and bottom for an amazing smokey look or do a nice cat eye. Lining both your top and bottom is something you can do and look good easily. To know whether you have big eyes, compare them with the rest of your facial features, and if they are relatively bigger, you have big eyes.




    Small eyes

    Don’t line both the bottom and top of your eyes with thick liner, apply a thin layer of eyeliner on your top lash line and fan it out, if you want a winged look. Put on a white eyeliner on your waterline to make your eyes appear bigger. If your brown bone and the tips of your lashes are close together, you probably have small eyes. And if your eyes are smaller than the rest of your facial features, of course.




    Wide set eyes

    Focus on the inner corners of your eyes and start lining from there, if you have wide set eyes, to make your eyes appear closer together. To figure out if you’re eyes are wide set or not, see if you can fit another eye between yours. If you can, you have wide set eyes.




    Close set eyes

    The outer corner of your eyes should be lined with a thick layer of nice pencil liner, and gradually get thinner by the inner corners of your eyes. When you focus on the ends, your eyes will appear farther away and balance your face out more. If you can’t fit another eye between yours, you have closer set eyes.




    Eyes that stand out

    If your eyes are the most noticeable and prominent than the rest of your features, you can really play around with different looks on the bottom lash line, and a thick line of liner on your top lash line will look the best to hide some of your eyelids, eye-shadow can be played around with a lot for your canvas-like lids.




    Hooded eyes

    Since your eyes are hooded, you want to make your eyes appear bigger with the use of eyeliner. Line your lash line and then thicken the line out at the end of your eyes. If your crease barely shows and your lashes almost touch your brow bones, you have hooded eyes.




    Deep set eyes

    This one speaks for itself, if you have eyes that go into your face or skull you have deep set eyes. Your brow bone will also be more prominent. Try putting on more crisp liner, less smudged and a thin line so your eyes don’t look more sunken in and more of your eyelid shows.




    Almond shaped eyes

    You’re eyes are shaped like an almond, and when you look straight ahead your iris is hidden by your top and bottom lash lines. Winged liner looks really good with this shape of eyes, and the smaller your eyes are, the thinner you should draw your liner on and the bigger they are the thicker you can go.




    Round eyes

    Line your eyes with liquid liner, and extend a wing if you want to make your eyes appear longer. You have round eyes if the ‘white part’ of your eyes shows when you look ahead.




    Well, chances are we have your eye shape on here unless you’re a mutant.  On the whole, these tips will make sure that your eyeliner highlights your eyes best. SO, have fun and comment below to let us know what your eye shape is, in the comments below!

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