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    Beauty HookedWhat Are The Best Beauty Products You Recently Bought? - Beauty Hooked

    So, we have been beauty binge shopping recently, And, guess what? we just came to this huge realization: we are not only just Hooked on Beauty, we are obsessed with it! As much as we have had a tough time managing this compulsive makeup shopping (and our budgets of course!), we have been enjoying it just as much.

    Finding some of our Holy Grails of makeup has been quite a journey, and here are some of the best products that we have recently got my hands on and thought that you just had to know about them too!

    1.  Tatcha luminous dewy skin mist

    Thanks to Kim Kardashian, the world came to know about this little miracle in the bottle. Some of our favorite Vloggers (Read Jaclyn Hill & Jeffree Star) have been raving about it. So, once we got my hands on this, we literally knew, at that very moment, what the hype was all about. Just the packaging had us drooling over.
    The moment its sprayed over the face to set makeup, Oh Boy, Oh Boy, let us tell you this-we had never loved makeup this much before.You will end up with the most amazing over-all glow, that will just make you look & feel like a beauty goddess with the most beautiful healthy skin.



    2. Morphe 35F Palette

    You guys know the hype around Morphe Palettes.  So, here’s the thing, if a product is this hyped up it either has to be beyond amazing or an average product with a solid marketing push. The sad thing is, you can’t really tell until you get hands on experience with it. 
    That said, if you still haven’t tried out the Morphe palettes, you are missing out BIG TIME. Although we love love love the Morphe 35F, the Morphe 35O palette was rumored to be the most favorite and sold out palette internationally and while we had planned to get our hands on that one first, once we saw the two palettes and made a comparison, we felt the 35O was too orang-ish for our ‘Desi’ skin tone liking. The game changer in our opinion really is the 35F palette.

    Out of a dozen Morphe Palettes, the 35F had a beautiful Black shade and matte neutrals lying on one corner. It has Great Pigmentation, Great Colors, Great Texture, and is Extremely Blendable. The Morphe palettes are known to be eye shadow keepers in the beauty world, and is that one eye shadow palette that JUST HAS TO BE IN EVERYONE’S MAKEUP BAG!


    3. L’oreal Youth Code Serum

    Before, we get into a detailed review of why we got this one, how we got this one and how it worked for us, let us tell you- JUST STOP. DON’T THINK. AND GO AND GET YOUR HANDS ON THIS SERUM, NOW. We were on the lookout for something that would help our readers get rid of that winter struck, aka dry as hell, skin. Something that wouldn’t leave a greasy or dull look. That is when we struck gold and found this serum that changed our skin and our makeup game.
    We have used it on bare skin for the most smooth and healthy look and we have used it to replace primers. Moreover, It makes the skin look hydrated and fresh.Also,  when applied under makeup, it makes the foundation apply smoothly and flawlessly.

    The Serum will  hardly cost you Rs. 1450/- and is available at Al-Fatah.



    4. rcma Makeup no color powder

    For those of you who leave your house with your makeup on fleek and almost get a heart attack when you look into the mirror after an hour or two, trust us, we know your struggle! If you still haven’t solved this mystery of your makeup disappearing, look no further. You are probably not setting your makeup right.
    To avoid this, get your hands on a good makeup setting powder. We have had to struggle with setting powders caking up ur foundations. Some even giving a look like you dipped your face in flour. Don’t even talk about the beef between flash and makeup setting powders. Anyways, RCMA makeup No Color Powder sets makeup perfectly, and gives it a fine velvety finish. The makeup never comes off on its own. Its great for baking/sandbagging, and doesn’t add up any coverage or color to the foundation.



    Which  are your most favorite, cant-live-without type, holy grail makeup products that you just recently purchased or discovered?

    Comment below and let us know…



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