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    Beauty HookedA Beauty Soirée Fit for Royalty. - Beauty Hooked

    So ladies we just ended up organizing a “Beauty Soirée” (pronounced swa-ray) (Oh la la!) for Amina Z that was fit for royalty! The thing about us is that we are a team that is totally passion driven with one, and one passion alone: Beauty. So we bring the passion to the game! And because we don’t really dabble in anything that we don’t give our 100% to, this event got our 100% and the result: WE LOVED IT! But here is the thing- why did we choose to do this one in particular? Read on to find out.

    Amina Z, is a makeup artist that is so close to our hearts because she too is passion driven and has been silently working to make her name in the beauty industry. When Amina called us in to discuss her new branch, she told us:

    “My New Branch is a depiction of my dream. A dream that I have been working so hard for. I always wanted to own a beauty business where I am in control of the decisions I make. A place I can build from scratch into something where people would love to relax, forget about their worries, and just enjoy their peacetime. It took me a while to build my new flagship branch, and now I have finally succeeded in building my dream salon, my name, and my brand. And I would like to introduce my dream to the world to experience.”


    Those words- and we were sold! We knew we had to work with Amina for the passion that she is made of, for the dream she just achieved, and for the happiness we wanted to share with the world as an example for more women entering the beauty industry to follow.  Girls you can do it! All you have to do is try. In 7 years, Amina.Z has not only built her salon chain, but an Amina.Z franchise, and is on track to making her presence stronger.

    Amina Z’s new branch is in 187 CCA Block, DHA, with exquisite interiors, ambiance, customer service and the overall quality that is truly unparalleled in Lahore in terms of the experience that it creates.

    The Beauty Soiree got together the most trending Beauty Bloggers and media publications from across Lahore to get an exclusive and unique evening of relaxation, music, comfort food, girl time, pampering and of course, beauty treats from Amina Z herself, which included some of the salons signature services fit for Royalty.


    Here is what they had to say about their experiences:

    “Had an amazing experience at the recently launched Amina Z Salon…I opted for their hair treatment and haircut services, and I can say that I am highly impressed. The staff and their dedication towards their job was outstanding. The owner herself was very sweet and helpful. I would definitely try the rest of her services and you guys should too.”- Blogger Ayesha from “Its Ayesha Online.”

    “A Beauty Soiree that did wonders to my already broken #dehydrated #rough #parched hair turning magically into soft and manageable after the protein herbal treatment that I took at Amina Z Salon…what a comforting experience created by Beauty Hooked.” –Blogger Rubia Moghees.

    A lot more reviews poured in after the event, but follow our social media pages to read them all!

    We highly recommend that you visit this Gem in Lahore that Amina Z has built out of a Dream. And to celebrate, we got you a special treat from her: If you book your appointment on Beauty Hooked you get a FLAT 20% OFF on Any Service.  So book here (Trust us, You won’t regret it!): ➡️ 













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