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    No makeup look is complete without that blinding glow! Highlighters not on give your makeup a glowy effect; but they also draw attention away from your undesirable features. Highlighters come in a variety of types so it is best to use a highlighter that is meant for your skin type or skin conditions.

    Powder Highlighters




    Best for: All skin types, especially oily skin

    Powder highlighters are suitable for all skin types, provided each skin type has been prepped accordingly. Make sure you use a moisturizer before applying foundation, or a powder highlighter tends to cling to the dry areas or patches.

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    Liquid Highlighters


    Related image



    Best for: All skin types, especially Dry Skin

     Liquid highlighter drops have a variety of uses:
    • Use it alone as a liquid highlighter. Simply apply to the high points of the face and blend with a synthetic brush or sponge for dimension and glow.
    • Mix into your favorite foundation for a more dewy finish.
    • Mix into your body lotion and creams for a gorgeous all over glow
    • Use alone with your everyday skincare for a natural glow from within on even bare skin days.

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    Baked and Stick Highlighters




    Best for:For all skin types

    Baked highlighters give a radiant glow with a sheer wash of shimmering color. They are mostly infused with essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin E , jojoba, rose hip, sunflower, apricot, and grape oils to nourish the skin. These highlighters can be applied wet for a vibrant effect or dry for sheer pigmentation.

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    Cream Highlighters


    Image result for maybelline stick highlighter png



    Best for: Dry and Combination Skin Types

    Cream highlighters come with micro-fine pearls that boost glow, resulting in a strobe effect that makes the skin appear radiant.

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    How to Apply a Highlighter?


    Image result for highlighter application illustration


    • Step 1. To enhance cheeks – highlight top of cheekbones.
    • Step 2. To accentuate features – spotlight center of face.
    • Step 3. To brighten eye area – spotlight brow bone and inner corner of the eyes
    • Step 4. To enhance your pout-highlight the cupid’s bow of the lips.
    • Step 5. To enhance your body-highlight the shoulders and the collar bone.


    Apply Highlighter According to Skin Tone



    Fair Skin tone:Apply pink or white toned highlighter.

    Medium Skin tone:Apply a champagne or light gold toned highlighter.

    Olive/Dark Skin tone:Apply a dark golden toned highlighter.


    Now no more highlighter fails! Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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