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    Team BeautyHooked is always on the hunt for good quality salons. So many students have constantly been getting in touch with us and asking us to find out a salon that won’t force them to spend all of their pocket money. So, because we love you guys, we took a lot of time to hunt down a salon that has affordable prices and is good quality. Now, hidden gems like these are super hard to find, since as you guys know, we never compromise on the quality and standards. Here is the story on our journey to find you something that’s too good to be true!

    So, a few months back we came across this salon that had pretty competitive prices and we wanted to get them on board with BeautyHooked for you guys. Yes, we are talking about Samia.A Salon, located in Phase 4 DHA, Lahore, but we were not sure about the quality. After all, with such economical, too-good-to-be-true prices, it’s assumed the quality would be crap right? So we decided that instead of going with assumptions, we would review them to be 100% sure. As we always do, our team went there ourselves and tried & tested out the following services: Manicure, Pedicure, Facial and Blow dry. Since, these were the top booked services from you guys on Beauty Hooked and, Sahr, herself overlooked all the services in detail.




    Our experience

    We were very surprised at the quality of services at Samia’s. We don’t believe in exposing our skin to cheap quality products, so we checked all the products ourselves to make sure they were not fake, expired or (as some salons do) poor quality products put in high end product bottles. The quality was impressive! So, no issues there.




    The staff was extremely friendly and cooperative and the girls knew exactly what they were doing. When, we recommend some service and salon to you guys, our first priority is to make the experience stress-free. And, this experience assured us that!

    After constantly trying and testing out services from all the different salons, we have developed pretty high standards for service approval. In addition, we had a few suggestions regarding how they can improve their services and Samia herself was very open to positive feedback and implemented our suggested changes immediately.




    Not that our team reviews were enough, after a week, we went there with our ambassadors to get their thoughts on the services, before finally coming out and recommending the salon to you guys.

    Our ambassadors’ experience

    Our Beauty ambassadors went to the salon and opted to try the facials, manicures, pedicures, protein treatments, hair cuts and blow drys. Honestly, we were a little skeptical when the ambassadors chose haircuts-because that’s not easy. Also, they were requesting not just normal trim sessions, but the girls went for major hair transformations.






    And, believe us you guys, all our doubts were gone once we saw the real transformations. The haircuts were pretty good, and the blowdry was a cherry on the top.




    Also the girls loved their time there. And, half way through the day and we knew there and then that we could recommend this salon to you guys.





    Here are some of the REVIEWS from our ambassadors






    Also, guess what? Sahr managed to get you guys some crazy discounts on the Samia A Salon services. Just as a token of appreciation  for all the love that you guys have been showering on BeautyHooked. <3




    And, here it is…. A whopping 35% off on all the services and this too WITHOUT COMPROMISING ON THE QUALITY. How amazing is that?

    (For all the discounted rates and services, click here)



    Our ambassadors loved it. Not a single girl had any issue with the services that they got. The girls loved their transformations and so did we. The manicures, pedicures and facials were fool-proof. Moreover, the services are right on point! We even made a service checklist for you guys to follow and mark while getting the services done. (Watch the checklist videos on our Youtube Channel, By clicking here)

    So, here you have it girls. Go get yourself treated like royalty while getting your services done without worrying about breaking your bank.


    To book their services, click here . Or, visit us at BeautyHooked.comAlso, our experts are available to help you out, call us at 0336-3232889.

    Remember, stay BeautyHooked. xoxo!

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