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    Beauty HookedBB to EE: Explaining Double Letter Skin Creams - Beauty Hooked


    From BB to CC to PP and what not, it’s alright to admit that these double letter skin creams have confused you. It’s no secret, we face a variety of creams and skin care options every time when browsing through cosmetic stores. And, with a growing number of makeup and skin care alternatives, it’s important to know what you’re buying for you face and skin.

    Women today don’t like to spend hours in front of the mirror, perfecting a look. They want fast and effective! Which is why today we’ll be explaining such “all-in-one” double letter skin creams and outlining the differences between them. So, read on! 

    BB Cream

    BB creams, “Beauty Brighteners” or lesser known as “Beauty Balms” are made to conceal, brighten and protect your skin. It’s your primer, moisturizer, foundation, SPF combined into one product. Nowadays, BB creams often contain antioxidants and ingredients that blur out your imperfections for a more dewy look. BB creams also provide less coverage than a foundation, but definitely more than a tinted moisturizer. So if you’re not too keen about foundations and makeup, just slap some of your BB cream on and you’re good to go! It’s best for normal and dry skin types. However, people with oily and acne-prone skin should skip it as it’s laden with hydrators for its promised “dewy” finish.


    CC Cream

    This cream otherwise known as “color correcting” cream caters to all those that suffer from redness and discoloration on their face. This formula is mostly lighter than that of BB cream and also contains SPF. It is ideal for people wanting to conceal dark spots and scars. It is most suitable for people with mature skin who don’t necessarily want a very makeup-y look but also want their skin to look youthful and protected. Its moussey consistency and mostly oil-free properties make it ideal for acne-prone and oily skin!


    DD Cream

    This “daily defense” or “dynamic do-all” cream aim to minimize signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. They also are very helpful in balancing uneven skin tones and protecting the skin from all sorts of damage. So overall, it’s a blend of BB and CC- which means it’s best suited to mature skin, but also a better option for foundation wearers who get lighter feel with coverage. DD creams are suitable for dry skin if used with a separate moisturizer applied first, and suitable as they are for oily skin.


    EE Cream

    “Even Effect” creams are yet another addition to the alphabetical series of all-in-ones. These creams are packed with antioxidants and SPF to save, protect and treat all sorts of environmental damage. It is great to treat discoloration and uneven skin tones, and also minimizes dark spots, pores and acne scars! Other than this, The Jojoba Company has also introduced an “Extra Exfoliant” EE cream which is more of a facial exfoliant and wash that is to be rinsed- so that won’t stay on your face for long.


    Furthermore, there are new beauty alphabets and acronyms being added to products every other month. There are lesser varieties of FF, GG, PP creams that exist, and we’re pretty sure more double letter skin creams will be made in the future.

    So, let us know what you think! Signing off for today, stay tuned for more! 

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