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    Beauty Hooked7 Genius Ways To Use Baby Powder - Beauty Hooked

    Baby powder is one of the things we might think is limited to the use of babies- but nope. It has quite a lot of uses for us women, especially for those who want to find a budget-friendly fix. In addition, baby powder is extremely common and easy on the pocket, so if you’re looking for a solution to a number of problems, it has got you covered.

    Let’s find out how baby powder can help you in life:

    1. Keeps lipstick in place

    Baby powder is a simple solution to keep your lipstick from fading away or coming out of the lip line. Firstly, apply a coat of your lipstick. Secondly, dust a little baby powder onto lips with a brush. Thirdly, apply another coat of lipstick. Ta-da, this will leave you with long-lasting lip color!


    2. Wax care

    If you’ve waxed, you know that the pain of having recently moisturized or oily skin is way too much. Which is why you should dust baby powder on the areas you intend to wax. This will make your wax pull your hair, not your skin.  But, we would recommend you keep it’s usage only to your limbs, and not any further down than that.

    3. Dry shampoo

    You probably thought baby powder wouldn’t make it to your hair, at least (I mean who puts powder in their hair?) but it did. And apparently, it works great as a dry shampoo for your hair when you haven’t washed it and your scalp is getting oily. Shaking a bit of baby powder onto your scalp and blending with a brush will make it absorb any oil and also increase the volume of your hair. So that you can go another day without washing your hair!
    This, however, won’t be a good idea for every time.

    4. Removing shine from face

    If your face is quick to get oily, you can do a touch here and there with baby powder to control the shine. Moreover, it helps mattify the skin and gives it a nice look, but remember not to throw on a lot, because that’ll make you look like a white mess. Also, this works more with darker tones because our kind of skin tends to reflect and shine the most. But don’t do this:


    5. Cuts and scrapes

    Baby powder can help clot or stop small cuts and scrapes on your legs or arms. It can also prevent sweating and rashes, so it’s got you covered girls!


    6. Damp feet

    If you don’t have time to shower after gym and have to wear the same shoes, I know it’s gross. But, if you’ve got to, then you should dust some baby powder inside your trainers to get rid of the sweat and odors!


    7. Eyelash volume

    To increase the volume of your lashes and make them look longer, apply a coat of powder between the two coats. This will prevent the mascara from smudging and also keep it in place!


    So, here are just some of the many powers that baby powder holds! Use this information to your advantage and let us know what worked for you! And, happy grooming.

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