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    Beauty HookedAnti-Aging Tips to Follow From Today - Beauty Hooked

    aIt is important to be aware that our skin starts aging around 25 or so. Therefore, if you are about to turn 25 or past that, you should be prepared to go full-throttle with your skincare routine to deal with and minimize the signs of aging.

    However, one thing it asks for, is commitment. So, if you don’t have the commitment for it, then your skin may likely age quicker as compared to those who exercise a certain routine. Whether you commit to it or not, we’re here to help prepare you with a few tips, so that you don’t wake up and go like…



    Turn up the exfoliation

    Skin cell turnover goes down, as our age goes up. So, you better get that exfoliation on. If you don’t, your skin is going to appear dull, and dead skin will take away the entire glow on your face! To minimize signs of aging, tell yourself to remember by heart, the word RETINOL. This is the key determinant in skin aging routines and you must stick to it once you start it, don’t make the mistake of stopping that routine.


    Cleanse twice a day

    This should be a rule anyway, even when you’re not facing aging-skin. So, it shows how important this step is for properly kept and healthy skin. Try oil cleansers in the morning to remove impurities and dead skin. Also, use a mild water cleanser as a part of this “double-cleansing” stage. Do this twice a day and your skin is going to look absolutely gorgeous.


    Sunscreen is bae

    Sunscreen, like cleansing, has to be present in your daily skin regimen whether your skin is young or growing. It’s very important for you to invest into a good SPF that protects you from environmental damage (like  sun, dust, smoke, etc). Sunscreen should be with you all day and every day.


    Get familiar with serums

    But, sunscreen isn’t all you need. It won’t fully protect you (very complicated, yes). And, the former part of the protection will come from serums. In other words, it must be applied before sunscreen and it will act as a barrier to your skin from letting it absorb anything from the environment. Vitamin C in serums is absolutely perfect, as that makes for the best anti-oxidant to be available.



    Moisturizing is very IMPORTANT

    This is especially to help you with staying hydrated and to make your fine lines disappear. If you don’t have a moisturizer on and your skin is dry, makeup may sit in your fine lines and make you look 30-years older. So, don’t make the mistake of applying makeup before making sure your skin is perfectly moisturized.


    Exercise more, eat healthy, get good hours of sleep and try to stress less 😉

    Engage yourself in meditation, yoga, swimming, or walking. Do whichever you like, but just keep your body engaged. Because it most definitely will show on your skin. In terms of eating, make sure you take whatever is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, vegetables, and anti-oxidant-rich fruit. Again, if you don’t eat right, it will begin to show on your skin.

    Moreover, try to get more sleep! You need to regulate your sleeping patterns and get rid of your gadgets, magazines and various other distractions once it is time to sleep. You need to take time out to get a good amount of sleep, depriving yourself of it will again lead to bad, bad news for your skin. Lastly, your skin can never feel good if you stress. It will begin messing with your skin, leading to acne and breakdown of collagen and you definitely don’t want that!



    When you follow these tips you will, like they all say, age gracefully and feel 25-forever. <3 😀



    For more useful tips & tricks follow us on Youtube! xoxo 😉

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