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    The skincare industry is on a rise like never before

    Every blogger and aesthetician on social media shows us their perfect glass-like skin and we NEED it too right?

    Keep on reading to educate yourself about skin types & skin needs!

    Having a skincare routine is essential. Why?

    Firstly, it helps to improve your skin in general. Whether your skin is oily or dry you have products to help you resolve your problems!

    Secondly, it helps to minimize the damage caused by dirt, pollution and all the other harmful factors like UVA/UVB rays.

    Slows down the process of ageing by delaying the loss of elasticity and moisture.

    Skincare helps us cleanse our skin to prevent bacteria from staying or growing on our skin causing various issues like acne, eczema, other forms of fungal infections etc.

    Lastly, skincare products help us fast forward the skin’s natural process like shedding dry skin.


    Here’s what skin looks like

    We’re zoomed in to know what exactly is situated where:

    1. The first layer of the skin is called Epidermis. This is a waterproof barrier that protects our skin from all harmful factors present in the environment
    2. The second layer of the skin is called Dermis. This is the heart of our skin holding all connective tissues, fibroblasts, collagen, hair follicles & sweat glands.
    3. The third layer of the skin is called Hypodermis. This layer is a padding layer against shock or force trauma. This mostly holds fat and is interlaced with blood vessels and nerves.

    To sum it up, skincare products mainly work on the first and the second layer of our skin.

    Let’s move onto Skin Types

    Oily Skin

    Dry Skin


    Combination Skin

    If you don’t know your skin type, worry not! It is super easy to understand your skin type. Without any product applied to your skin, analyze your skin first things in the morning.

    If your skin feels tight and stretched, you have dry skin.

    Noticeably shiny on your nose and forehead? Normal!

    Dry cheeks and oily t-zone? OR flaky t-zone with shiny cheeks? You’ve got a Combination skin.

    If you can see some shine on your cheeks along with your forehead and nose you have Oily skin.

    Common Skin Concerns




    Peeling skin

    Discolored patches

    Ageing (wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin)

    Open Pores/clogged pores


    Now, that we’re aware of skin type and skin concerns, we will be able to pick up just the right products for ourselves!


    Let’s move onto what a basic skincare order should be.


    Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize! C.T.M

    Skincare Guide



    help to give us a clean slate. We are working on our Epidermis to remove any dirt, debris, nighttime routine etc. from our face.



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    help us balance our skin’s pH level. We are working with a barrier called ‘acid mantle’ here. This protective barrier on our skin helps us keep moisture in. It helps blocking the infectious bacteria out and also stops early ageing caused by free radical’s. The balanced pH level of our skin is between 4.7 to 5.75.


    Skincare Toners

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    Epidermis and Dermis. No matter oily or dry, moisturizing your skin is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Serums, Essence and moisturizers are all used to provide our skin hydration. Serums and Essence are lightweight and work on deeper levels of your skin, whereas moisturizers work on the top layer. In conclusion, both are important!

    Face Moisturizers

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    Additional Steps In Skincare

    Eye creams, masks, exfoliators and numerous other steps that come after all this are not necessary for everyone. In conclusion, if you’re a beginner, you have to ace C.T.M first!


    One thing everyone should add in their morning skincare routine is SPF! Apply it after toner and before moisturizer.

    In conclusion, this article was to give you the basics before we deep-dived into elaborating skincare routine and skincare products to you.

    Hope you found this helpful. Leave a comment below to give your feedback or drop a request.


    Beauty Hooked.💕



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