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    You have always loved us for our unbiased review, genuine recommendations, good quality products and timely post purchase service. We work days and nights to find the right products for your that fulfill all your beauty needs and all our efforts pay off when we here such beautiful words from you.














    But have you ever wondered what goes behind the doors at Beauty Hooked?! How we bring all the good stuff in beauty to you and share the knowledge that you need for your beauty concerns?

    This time around we decided to bring you a sneak peak of the Beauty Hooked life and will show you how our day goes by.

    We were invited to the Keune HQ to try, test and review their “rumored to be excellent” Style Essential 5 range based on our beauty expertise as WE KNOW the beauty game very well!

    So we went there to see if their claim was actually valid or not! Our day started with having a consultation session with the hair expert at Keune – Sadia Waqas! Sadia analyzed our editors’ hair texture and recommended what products they should be having used on their hair.

    After having an in depth consultation with the expert, it was time for our editors to actually try and test the Style Essential 5 range which is claimed to be phenomenal by Keune and see if they met our high quality standards.

    As per Keune hair expert Sadia’s analysis of Javeria’s and Sajween’s hair texture: Javeria’s hair was styled with Defrizz Serum and Instant Blow Out spray from the Style Essential 5 range because of her rebonded hair while Sajween’s hair was styled using Voume Powder, Soft Mousse and Free Style spray due to her hair’s silky soft texture.

    And you wouldn’t believe, with the help of these products the whole look of Beauty hooked girls was changed enormously. The hair was well styled, bouncy, movable and what not. Don’t believe us? Have a look at the Before and After shots of the girls!


    To shop Keune Volume Powder Rs. 2265/- Click Here

    To shop Keune Soft Mousse Rs. 765/- Click Here

    To shop Keune De Frizz Serum Rs. 1740/- Click Here

    To shop Keune Instant Blow Out Spray Rs. 990/- Click Here

    To shop Keune Free Style Spray Rs. 1525/-Click Here

    What are your go-to hair products for styling! Comment below to let us know!

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