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    Beauty Hooked8 Things To Do Before Sleeping To Get Fresh And Clear Skin - Beauty Hooked

    Who doesn’t want beautiful skin after a good night’s sleep? Well, with a few steps, we all can have that smooth, shiny and glowing skin in just a few weeks. And the best part, you don’t even need to worry about buying high-end products, because just a few simple adjustments in your habits can make your sleeping time, one of the best remedies to have flawless and fresh skin. So, let’s get started!

    1. Remove the makeup

    Make this a nightly ritual, as this is one of our most tried and tested solutions for flawless skin! Right after you’re done with all the makeup and endless dinner events, remove your makeup from your face properly. Or else, leftover makeup makes the skin itchy and aids in the growth of pimples and acne. The best and the most makeup remover so far is in the brands Nivia or Garnier. Our personal favourite is Estée Lauder.  


    Budget Option for Makeup Removers


    Invest Option for Makeup Removers

    2. Apply a good cleanser

    The cleanser can be of any brand, but should be according to your skin type. Using a good face wash which is best suited to your skin type can do wonders! We usually recommend Clinique or Neutrogena face wash, because we believe these two types of face wash can go with any skin type. Lastly, washing the face thoroughly is the most important step as it keeps your skin hydrated and removes that all dirt from your skin.


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                      Invest Option for Face Wash

    3. Apply a good moisturizer

    A moisturizer that is easily available and goes best with most skin types is Oil-Free Neutrogena Moisturizer. It retains the water all night and helps make your  skin glow in the morning.


    4. Use of Rose water

    Apply rose water before you go to bed. Not only does rose water keep your skin hydrated, but also gives it shine and removes acne and also has the power to remove dirt accumulated in the clogged pores. Moreover, it moisturizes the skin and keep it soft and smooth. 


    5. Scrub it up

    Try to use a scrub after every three days before going to bed. The brand of the scrub entirely depends on the skin type you have. The most affordable one is Apricot Scrub. But, other options are a combination of different minerals Volcano mud mask, which makes the skin brighter and helps lighten dark circles as well. 


    6. Good sleep and changing you pillow case

    Sleep deprivation causes acne and distress on your face, which affects not just the efficiency, but also the physical appearance of a person. So, make sure you get enough sleep which is between 6-8 hours. Moreover, changing your pillow cloth to a silk one is highly effective to keep your skin smooth and acne-free. 


    7. Olive oil application

    Apply olive oil every time you go to bed. It helps keep your skin smooth, acne-free and it contains vitamin-E, which is anti-aging. It also aids in keeping the skin tight and youthful.


    8. Drinking Warm Water

    Lastly, every night drinking half a litter of slightly warm water, with a lemon squeezed into it will help detoxify your body, as well as helping in clearing out your skin. Proper intake of water removes half of your acne issues and gives you the natural remedy to fight against oxidized, dry and flaky skin.


    So, this is it from our side. Do let us know if you want specific product recommendations for your skin type in the comments below, and we’d love to guide you further!

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