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    Beauty Hooked7 Easy Ways to Look Younger Now - Beauty Hooked

    Ladies, let’s face it: while good genes and great skin care may be our partners for life, it’s hard to defy age. However, all of us still want to look younger. And, this is why we’re here to help you with that, by giving out some great tips for a younger face!

    So, read ahead and find out how you can appear younger!

    1. Make use of eye cream

    Aging takes a toll on your eyes, because they are very delicate and the first ones to show signs of aging. Hence, load up on good eye creams and use them regularly to ensure better and younger eyes!



    2. Drop the black eyeliner

    Using black eyeliner may come off as pretty harsh, making fine lines more prominent. Hence, go for a lighter, more brown color to line your eyes! Brown is more forgiving, blended and natural when on your eyes! So go brown!



    3. Boost the blush

    Too light will make you look dull and too heavy will make you look extremely gaudy, SO stay in the very middle and go for pinks and peaches that will accentuate your cheeks, brighten up your skin and leave you with a glow!



    4. Ditch the powder

    This is only going to make you look more dull, since as you age your skin gets drier. So drop the face powder! That way your skin will look more dewy, which means healthier and glowing skin!



    5. Use satin-y foundation

    Matte foundations are thick and they can make you look older than you already are. So, if you’ve got fine lines and some wrinkles here and there, your best bet is to use a satin/silky foundation that blends in well and doesn’t make signs of aging obvious. Moreover, such foundations have a healthy, luminous finish and who doesn’t love that?



    6. Exfoliate on regular basis

    Your cell turnover slows down as you age and so does your skin’s ability to get rid of dead skin cells, for a fresh layer of skin. Therefore, exfoliation is very important at least twice a week! So, get your scrubs and masks out ladies and look much more radiant than ever before!



    7. Hydration is very important

    This is very important, because as we age our skin gets drier. Makeup can get into fine lines and become very obvious. Hence, it’s important to moisturize and hydrate your skin in order to come off as younger.




    Here you go ladies! Our guide to having a healthier and much younger face with some easy little tricks! So, comment below and let us know what more you need to know and we’d love to hear you on that! 

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