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    Beauty Hooked7 Easy Hacks To Look Amazing Without Makeup - Beauty Hooked

    Ladies, if you want look amazing without makeup, then there are plenty of ways to achieve that. Of course, not all of us are in the mood to doll up with makeup every single day. There may be days we might be just lazy, there may also be days when we just don’t have the time to put on foundations and primers and things alike. Hence, we’re listing down some ways you can look absolutely amazing without makeup. So, start taking notes, ladies! 😀

    healthy diet

    In order to feel healthier outside, we need to be healthier inside. And, what makes your skin the most amazing ever? A good, healthy diet. Stay away from sugars, processed foods. Moreover, incorporate organic fruits and vegetables to your diet and trust me, your diet will take your skin a long way!




    For French women, their skin is their most valued asset and they take all measures to take care of it. They like to leave out the makeup and go bare with their healthy and flawless skin. Same goes for the Koreans who have a 10 step skin care routine. Making sure your skin is being nourished and taken care of is their primary goal and they do that. So, invest into your skin, start anti-aging skin care when it’s time and you’ll be good!




    A good night’s sleep is more or less 8 hours and if you keep depriving yourself of it, your skin will most likely suffer. Your skin may go dull and you may also get really bad dark circles. So, let yourself get a good amount of sleep. They don’t call it “beauty sleep” for nothing- every woman needs it. 😉



    bright smile

    Yellow teeth are considered a turn off to many and you may also find yourself pursing your lips and not smiling because you aren’t happy with the color of your teeth. A white and bright smile is to many people very attractive and it boosts your confidence! To whiten your teeth you can check out these amazing home remedies or seek professional help!



    nourish your LIPS 

    Love, nourish and exfoliate your lips as much as you can. Dry, parched lips may look bad with or without lipstick. If you want to look amazing without makeup, make sure you keep your lips moisturized at all times with a lip scrub or lip balm! 




    Even if you wanna ditch the makeup, make sure your eyebrows are neat and in shape. If you don’t clean them up then they just look shabby and may get in the way of looking nice, when you don’t want to use makeup! And, to get fuller eyebrows, we have some tips and tricks for you ladies as well. 😉




    This doesn’t require any eyeliners or mascaras. Just take a lash curler and curl your lashes and they’ll look quite accentuated than they did before. If you want to grow your lashes naturally, we have a solution for that as well! Make use of eye creams because that’s where our normal creams usually don’t reach, which makes our eyes become a top wrinkle target!



    So, here’s how you can looking completely fabulous and amazing without using makeup! Stay tuned for more, stay hooked to Beauty Hooked

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