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    Beauty Hooked5 Very Useful Apps Beauty Addicts Will Love - Beauty Hooked

    And we’re back with an article on useful apps beauty addicts like all of us will love so so much!



    With all our information saved up on our smartphones nowadays, we expect our beauty needs to be satisfied from there too! Worry no more, because we’re bringing you guys 5 very useful apps beauty addicts will drool over and love.



    So if you’re a makeup and beauty addict, hop on and screen shot the hell out of this blog ’cause you’re gonna find these beauty apps REAL USEFUL!


    Okay so this one is so cool! Basically you have to let the app examine old and new pictures of you to let it tell you how much your skin has changed over the years. It’ll measure just about anything for you- like makeup, hair, aging and your facial features to give you a somewhat better idea about your skin! It can also detect your actual skin tone and undertones, moreover, it will ALSO give you product recommendations. FREE for Google Play and iOS, with some upgrade features that come with a fee!




    This app basically let’s you try on all O.P.I nail colors before you hit the salon for your next O.P.I mani and pedi appointment! You can try them on with accordance to the color of your skin so that you can REALLY tell how they’ll turn out. No disappointments, so much fun to try on colors (virtually duh) and it’s free on iOS!




    This is such a great app, I promise! I think it’s one of the most useful apps beauty addicts can possess in their phones because it let’s you make more informed and healthy choices about what you’re buying. You can scan products and become aware of what good and bad things they contain. Overall it’s so good to have if you like to stay aware of possible health and environmental hazards! Free on iOS and Google Play!





    This app is such a great beauty accessory! If you want to be able to see what you look like in a certain L’Oreal product, just head over to this amazing application and you can see in REAL TIME how a makeup product looks on you. So basically, this is your virtual mirror makeup tester. You open it and just face the front camera at yourself and voila, you’re there! Of course you can’t tell how good or bad the product is, but you can definitely tell if it looks bad on you! One step closer to greatness. Available free on iOS.




    Well, of course everyone here needs salon and spa appointments. And that’s exactly what you get on the Beauty Hooked app. Even if you’re sitting in class, all you have to do is be connected to the internet and have this app! You can select from a variety of the finest salons in Lahore and book your appointments online according to your own convenience! The best part about this app is that it gives you the salon service charges for anything and everything right there… no hassle of phone calls, no more waiting. Now this is what we call a great and useful app! Hurry up and download it now! Available on iOS and Google Play for FREE.




    So this is it for today, girls! We hope you found this blog super helpful. If yes, stay tuned for more!



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