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    Beauty HookedQuick & Easy Hairstyles For Busy Mornings - Beauty Hooked

    We’ve got some 5 minute easy hairstyles lined up for you ladies today! Don’t be intimidated by the images, they’re not much hassle if you know or learn how to make some core hairstyles like braids, buns, etc. Now, let’s get on to learning how to make this 5 minute easy hairstyles! 


    We’ll be attaching along images which you most certainly should save! This way whenever you want to try out an easy but different hairstyle you’ll know it’s saved in your phone! From there it’s all about following the steps with precision and then, you can very easily make salon-level hairstyles right at home! 


    Fishtail braid bun

    All you need to know in this hairstyle is how to make a fishtail braid. It’s alright if you don’t- you can work with the normal braid too. So, you should take the top two parts of your hair and divide it, as suggested in the picture. Tie your lower hair into a ponytail. Then, take two parts of the ponytail and twist them between each other and tie it down. Turn the twist into a bun and secure it with bobby pins. Now start braiding the top two parts of your hair and once you’re done braiding both, tie them around the bun and voila! Your fishtail bun is ready. This is one of those hairdos that you could wear to work and even to a wedding if you like. 



    French braid ponytail

    This is so easy. All you have to do is side part your hair and start making a french braid from the top to the down and tie it. Then loosen it up, as shown in the image, to make it appear bigger. After this all you need to do is tie your hair up into a high ponytail and cut loose the braid tie once your hair is secure. Throw in a few curls into your hair and you’re ready to go.  I always make this easy ponytail when I’m going out with my friends- works effortlessly with western and eastern attires!



    The perfect ponytail

    This really quick hairdo requires you to curl your hair into waves and separate the lower part from the top. Go ahead to tie the lower part into a ponytail. On the other hand take a few bobby pins, pick some of your top hair and tie it nicely above the lower ponytail. Make sure you completely hide the hair tie with your top hair and use loads of bobby pins to keep it secure. HAIR U GO! 




    Easy maiden braid

    Maiden braids are great when you have side bangs. If not, then you need to at least have a small forehead, remember that! Just start a braid from your bottom roots, as shown in the image. Once you’re done tying it, just take it around your head to the other side like a hairband and tie with loads of bobby pins and make sure it’s secure. You can even do an updo bun with this or make double braids too! Go try!



    Upside-down braid

    This is great for the summers when all the sweat in the world happens in the bottom of our scalp. Just put your hair down and grab strands to tie them together into a tight, big braid. You can stop where you like and tie it with a band. From there on you can proceed to make a bun (ideal for summer) or go for a ponytail, if you like! This braid will add that extra funk in just another boring hairstyle and it can work at any occasion! 



    We hope you liked seeing these 5 minute easy hairstyles and that they help you! If you wanna see more 5 minute easy hairstyles, do let us know in the comments below! We’ll bring more fun and exciting hairstyles that’ll be very easy to make, so stay hooked to


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