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    Beauty Hooked5 Haircuts You Need To Try This Summer

    Life is too short to have long hair. So, what are you waiting for? Try these amazing five “in trend” haircuts to have a fresh, new and a totally different from usual look!


    Front bangs:

    If you have a broad forehead, go for these bangs that are super trendy and give you a chic look. Go for this haircut, at least once in your life. This cut would give you a younger, and a more hip outlook, depending on how you want to style them.




    Above shoulder with an Equal length:

    If you to get your hair length above shoulders, then go for a cut with equal length from both sides, above shoulders. This is an all-year haircut. If you have long hair, then this haircut is going to surprise everyone with a wow on their faces. No matter you have wavy, straight or rough hair, this haircut is a trend for all.





    Razor-feather Cut:

    If you want to go a step further, then go for this super sassy hair cut which is basically a mixture of a feather-razor cut.  The best thing about such a hair cut is that you can style them in amazing beach waves, that are a new fashion game this spring and summer!





    Below shoulder length, with Front steps or layers:

    If you do not want to go for too short, just trim the length down and have layers or steps from the front. This is an old, tried and tested hair cut and is an all-time favorite for hair-length conscious ladies.




    Chop it off:

    Last but not the least, chop it off till you see your neck. Equal length chopping off is the most trendy thing this year. Sohai Ali Abro totally pulled off this look, and the best part is that, there is no condition of face type in this specific haircut. As, it goes along with various face shapes!





    If you have got a crazy hair cut this summer, feel free to share your amazing hair ideas, in the comments below!

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