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    Hair straighteners are used to straighten your hair obviously but if you are anything like us you must have tried curling your hair with a straightener. As ridiculous at it might sound, it actually works! It is easy to manage and it saves the hassle of buying a curler really. So read on as we tell you how you can use your straightener for 5 different hairstyles!

    1.Lazy waves


    When you are bored of straightening your hair everyday, you can opt for these lazy waves, it requires less effort and looks bomb! Start off with spraying a hair serum all over your hair, divide them into section so that they are easy to handle, take a section of hair from the bottom and wrap it up as you move upwards, make sure that you are wrapping it outwards, away from the face. Repeat with all section of hair.

    2. Large curls


    Although these curls look like a job that can only be achieved by professionals, trust us when we say that you can totally do this at home and with a straightener! Start off by sectioning your hair, take one section and start from the base of the hair this time and not the tips. Wrap your hair around the straightener and roll it inwards, repeat with all the sections.

    3.Beach waves

    Beach waves are similar to the lazy curl style but have more volume. Section your hair, start off from the tips of the hair, wrap the section of the hair around the straightener and roll it upwards but not all the way up, half way. Repeat with all the sections, once done, loosen the curls with the fingers.

    4. Little waves

    If you are too lazy and still want nice curls, this is the hairstyle for you. All you got to do is section your hair and make multiple braids then use straightener on those braids, you will end up with little waves throughout your hair.

    5. Volume for short hair

    If you have short hair and want to give them volume, you can use straightener to curl them up. Start from the base of the hair near the scalp, wrap the hair around the straightener and move it in the outward direction, continue with the rest of the hair until you get voluminous curls.

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