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    Beauty HookedThings We Hear From Our Moms in Pakistan - Beauty Hooked

    Well girls, after you read this you’ll agree that this is not where you heard it first, because you’ve probably heard these words in one way or another, A MILLION TIMES. Moms tend to say these things, and they make you want to roll your eyes and sigh over dramatically.


    Fix your dupatta

    My mistake for wearing shalwar kameez, I have to have my dupatta in perfect place at all times, and if it doesn’t look perfect, then I have put on my dupatta like a ‘amma ji’ or a ‘besharam’. I CAN NEVER WIN.





    Merey marnay se pehle shadi kar lena

    If I’m not married, or even started talking about it after the age of 22 it’s like I’m going wait until our parents’ deathbeds to share with them the good news. I FOUND PRINCE CHARMING MOM, his name is Shakeel and he’s a computer engineer who studied abroad and has a slight Pakistani accent. Shadi karlun ab? 





    Endless questions

    The questions don’t stop, do they now? I’m going out with some friends, and the questions start pouring out. Dost ke saath khanay pe ja rahi ho? Naam kya hai? Ammi abbu ka naam kya hai? Kya kertay hain uskay maa baap. Number save kero uska meray phone pe. Because, ‘hum unko jaante nai hain‘ so they must be dangerous and unworthy for our precious trust.





    Kapray phass gaye hain, buss kardo itna zyada khana

    We are too fat or too skinny, and of course we’re fat because we ate too many burgers. Dropped a couple pounds and kisi ki ‘nazar lag gayi hai’. How about telling me I have nice teeth or something? Maybe to make me happy? Or compliment my eyebrows. No? You want to talk about how many burgers I ate? Alright then.





    Sara din phone pe tik tik tik

    Laptop KA PEECHA NAI CHOR SAKTI TUM? Har waqat, iss media ne naujawanun ko aur Pakistan ki awam ko kharab kar diya hai. Media is the way the world is now, you want us to leave technology and live like its 1920? Okay, maybe we’re a little obsessed with our laptops and phones, but this is so often said that it makes us so used to hearing it, that it doesn’t even make a difference.





    Itni dark lipstick?

    How dare I put on a dark lipstick? And if I do, people will judge me and think I’m a this or a that, but really mom….? YES itni dark, I tend to look better in darker lipsticks. What’s that really going to do? Make me less smart or funny? Not at all. Make me look more amazing? Yeah, probably.





    Comparing us with others

    Of course, we get compared to someone, FAREEDA KI BETI SARAY GHAR KE KAM KARTI HAI, ITNI PYARI HAI TUM KYUN HO AISI? We just aren’t ideal betiyan, what can we do? And I totally know what Fareeda ki beti has been up to, so be happy I’m not like her.





    So, here you go! These are only a few of the annoying ones, of an unending list. BUT, we all love our moms and these little ‘toknay wali baatain‘ is a part of the experience. How you handle it shows your personality and makes you the amazing, or impatient person you are.

    If you have your own story or have heard something from your mom, comment below and share it with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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